3d spyro the dragon by 08wolf08-d3jloa3
Species: Dragon
Gender: Male
Role: Protagonist
Realm: Dragon Realms
Home World: Artisans Home





The Professor



Child (Spyro 1-4)

Teen (Spyro AHT, SL)

Created By: Charles Zembillas
English Voice Actor:

Carlos Alazraqui (Spyro 1)

Tom Kenny (Spyro 2-4)

Jess Harnell (Spyro AHT)

Japanese Voice Actor: Akiko Yajima (Spyro 1 and 2)

Spyro The Dragon is the main character of the Spyro franchise. He is a small purple dragon who was born in the Artisans Home. 

Spyros AdventuresEdit

Gnasty Takes Over   (Spyro The Dragon)Edit

After Gnasty Gnorc gets angry at a comment made by a dragon during a newscast that he happened to be watching, Gnasty uses a new spell that turns all dragons (Minus Spyro), into crystal and turns most gems into enemies. Spyro, who is the only dragon to of not been trapped, decides to help his friends. He rescues all dragons, recovers all the gems and saves all the dragon eggs. Afterwards, Spyro defeats Gnasty Gnorc at his hideout. Later, he travels to Dragon Shores to celebrate. After getting back, he goes on with his everyday life. 

A vaction ruined  (Spyro 2: Riptos Rage)Edit

About a year after the last game, Spyro and Sparx get tired of being bored and get tired of the rain. So, Spyro and Sparx attempt to go to Dragon Shores again, however, they end up in Glimmer instead. They are greeted by Elora, The Professor and hunter, who inform him of the situation. This is quickly ended when Ripto and his minions show up. After he is chased away, Spyro leaves glimmer and helps save the other worlds in Summer Forest. Afterwards, he defeats Crush and heads to Autumn Plains. After helping the worlds there, he defeats Gulp. Ripto is also seemingly killed when he falls. Spyro then starts to celebrate. However, Spyro visits Elora in Winter Tundra and is informed that Ripto is still alive and locked in the castle. After spyro helps the other worlds, he defeats ripto. He then enters a portal in the castle grounds and finally takes his vacation.

Year of the dragon (Spyro 3: Year Of The Dragon)Edit

A year after the last game, Spyro and the other dragons are about to celebrate the Year Of The Dragon festival, where baby dragons will hatch and get their dragonflies. However, all the eggs are stolen. Spyro, Sparx, Hunter and Zoe chase after them and end up in the forgotten worlds. In Sunrise Springs, Spyro and Sparx meet Bianca, a seemingly evil witch. After helping some of the worlds, Spyro defeats Buzz and heads to the next world. In Midday Gardens, Spyro helps some of the worlds again, and defeats Spike. He later travels to Evening Lake and Defeats Scorch. After all this, spyro meets with Bianca in Midnight Mountain and discovers she is trying to help him. He discovers the evil Sorceress is planning to hurt the baby dragons. Spyro later on defeats the Sorceress, and he makes it to another world in the realm where he plays many games and does some racing. He defeats the Sorceress for the last time. Afterwards, the gang starts to celebrate. Spyro and Elora are reunited, Hunter and Bianca share a kiss, Sgt Bird gives a fireworks show, and sparx winks at the player. Later, Spyro is back in the dragon worlds where he and the other dragons are playing with the baby dragons, getting ready for the YOTD festival. 

The Fairy Crisis  (Spyro Season Of Ice)Edit

Right after spyro 3, Spyro, Sparx, Hunter and Bianca try to take a vacation. By accident, Bianca drops her spell book and causes an evil rynoc to get powers. He then freezes all the fairies in ice and spyro needs to help. After saving all the fairies, spyro defeats Grendor. 

Ripto Returns (Spyro Season of Flame)Edit

Directly after ending their vacation, Spyro and the rest return to the dragon realms to celebrate the YOTD. Instead, they are struck with the news that the fireflies are stolen and magic is starting to vanish in the realm. Spyro later defeats ripto.

Year Of The Dragon Part 2  (Spyro 4: Enter The Dragonfly)Edit

Finally celebrating the year of the dragon events, Ripto returns and crashes the party. Ripto steals 90 dragonflies and escapes. Spyro however, finds them all and defeats ripto. The Baby Dragons finally get their dragonflies, and the events finally come to an end. 

Riptos Revenge (Spyro Attack of the rynocs)Edit

After the year of the dragon celebration finally ended, Ripto returns and takes over the professors lab. He then escapes and spyro is forced to track him down. After helping several worlds and allies, Spyro defeats ripto once again.

Worlds Colide (Spyro Orange)Edit

After defeating ripto again, Spyro goes back home. However during that time, Ripto meets with Dr Neo Cortex from another world and plans to defeat Spyro once and for all. Ripto is tasked with defeating Crash, and Dr Neo Cortex is tasked with Defeating Spyro. Spyro and Crash later defeat them both, and Ripto is never seen again. 

Evil Worlds (Spyro 5: A Heros Tail)Edit

After the last game, Spyro and Sparx head home to the dragon realms. However, Red, an evil dragon, recruits several evil minions. He also recruits Gnasty Gnorc, who wants revenge on Spyro for the events of the First game. 

Spyro defeats all his foes and confronts red. Red is shrunk and placed into a jar, and given to the professor. 

Dark Times (Spyro Shadow Legacy)Edit

In the Culmination of the series, Spyro is resting at home when the dragon realms are attacked by an evil Sorcerer. Spyro defeats his foes again, and defeats him. Spyro and his friends then wait for the inevitable attack by other evil foes. 


Spyro is a cocky, but friendly young dragon who helps protect those he cares about, proven by how many times he has helped save the other worlds. Eventually however, around the events of Spyro 5, due to Spyros actions getting taken for Granted, he eventually becomes more hostile and wont help people if they wont reward him. Regardless however, he still ends up saving the day anyways. 



Sparx is spyros best friend and has always been in all places with each other. 


After saving helping save hunters home in Spyro 2: Riptos Rage, they became quick friends and are seen as best buds in later games. 


Elora and Spyro become friends after Riptos Rage. Elora has kissed spyro a few times, and develops a crush on him, although Spyro shows no mutual feelings. 

The ProfessorEdit

Spyro and The Professor have a mutual relationship and help each other out on numerous adventures.


- During Development of spyro the dragon, spyro was originally named Pete, as revealed by Insomniac Games.

- Spyro has appeared once in Suite Life On Deck, a show by disney. He appeared as a inflatable during episode 43: Model Mis Behaiver as seen at 0:57 of This Video.

- Spyros age is not fully known, however, he is at least 12 during Year Of The Dragon. 


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